Step One is research!

1. To start our project, you need to research the story elements of a mystery. Create a Tree Map with these elements as the branches. See the websites listed below to get you started on your research. You do not have to use just these sites. You have 5 weekdays to complete this step.

Mystery Story Elements:detective2.png
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Step Two is continuing your research by reading mysteries!

2. Next, you will read a mystery novel and a mystery short story. You may read more if you wish. As you read, complete a Tree Map with the mystery elements you find in your book / short story. You may make two separate Tree Maps or make one color coded for each mystery you read. We will take a trip to our library. The Media Specialist and I have some recommendations for you to consider, but you may choose any mysteries you find intriguing. You have 15 weekdays to complete this step.

Here are some mystery recommendations from other kids:

When you are done here, move on to the WRITING page...