Pay close attention to the following timeline for turning in parts of your project.
This timeline counts weekdays only.

Day 5: List of essential mystery elements.

Day 20: Tree Map(s) showing examples of the mystery elements (including page numbers) from the novel and short story read. You may complete one Tree Map, color coded for each story, or two separate Tree Maps. Novel and short story must be properly cited.

Day 25: Turn in your first draft of the written story and schedule a conference with me (online or in person).

Day 30: Final story with peer editing checklist to be turned in.

Day 37: Storyboard draft due. (Changes may still be made.)

Day 45: Final digital story due.

Days 46-48: Watch completed digital stories.

You may proceed through these steps at a faster pace if you choose. While I will watch any presentations which are completed early within a day or two of submission, all presentations will be seen by the class on Days 46-48.